Claw is the best way of competition with friends by sending photos or videos in a topic you could choose. You must define the Winner by voting the challenges that your friends send each other.

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A challenge is among 2 or 3 people and the votes define the winner.

Application is so easy that you do not need to be registered when login with other social media account. Friends can be easily added. You can Challenge everybody you wish totally free.

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Decide the owner of crown by touching the numbers 1 and 5 on screen that show up after the challenges.

Competition is limited in some aspects because of competition equally. Challenges can be send maximum 2 people and can be voted by your friends along 6 hours. They can be displayed along 3 hours even the voting is over.

Popup Timer

Challenges have 15 hours lifetime. You can accept challenges in this time.

Challenge type can be selfies, photos, and videos. Moreover they are free to be any subject with your imagination.